Image Part Number Description Price  
C73-735-B C73-735-B $41.95 Add to Cart
C73-736-B C73-736-B $41.95 Add to Cart
C73-737-B C73-737-B $41.95 Add to Cart
C73-738-B C73-738-B $41.95 Add to Cart
C73-739-B C73-739-B $41.95 Add to Cart
C73-755-B C73-755-B $44.95 Add to Cart
C73-756-B C73-756-B $44.95 Add to Cart
C73-757-B C73-757-B $44.95 Add to Cart
C73-758-B C73-758-B $44.95 Add to Cart
C73-759-B C73-759-B $44.95 Add to Cart
C73-775-B C73-775-B $51.95 Add to Cart
C73-776-B C73-776-B $51.95 Add to Cart
C73-777-B C73-777-B $51.95 Add to Cart
C73-778-B C73-778-B $51.95 Add to Cart
C73-779-B C73-779-B $51.95 Add to Cart

Cap Assembly with Aluminum Bolt-On Bung

The Pro-werks Bolt on fill assembly requires no welding, this delivers a very clean finished look. The base of the bung is machined to accept an O-ring for a leak proof installation. Ideal for installing on composites when welding isn't an option or for thinner gauge materials that are either to fragile to weld, or already have a protective finish. These are a favorite for engine builders looking to add a filling point into a valve cover.

The lightweight, non-vented Easy Turn fill cap features positive grip finger notches that is easy to get a hold of.  The 6061-T6 billet aluminum cap is CNC machined for accuracy with a lightweight, attractive design and features quick-starting coarse threads. Each assembly includes mounting hardware and a special positive sealing " radial squeeze " Buna O-ring, which also holds the cap secure.

Billet Aluminum Fill Caps are a Pro-werks specialty.

Easy Turn Fill Caps are available in variety of sizes to fit most any application, big or small. To compliment the color coordination of your project, the caps are finished off in Pro-Werks Brilliance anodized colors in your choice of  black, red, blue, silver, or beautifully Micro-polished aluminum.

Proudly made in the USA.