Right Hand Jam Nuts

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Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-050 C73-050 $5.99 Pkg of 6
C73-052 C73-052 $5.99 Pkg of 6
C73-054 C73-054 $6.99 Pkg of 6
C73-056 C73-056 $6.99 Pkg of 6
C73-058 C73-058 $7.99 Pkg of 6
C73-060 C73-060 $7.99 Pkg of 6
C73-062 C73-062 $7.99 Pkg of 4
C73-064 C73-064 $10.99 Pkg of 4

Right Hand Jam Nuts

Jam nuts are half the height of regular nuts, and are intended to secure adjustable linkage components.

Conveniently packaged in moderate quantities.