Image Part Number Description Price Unit $21.84 Each $2.83 Each $39.20 Each $20.95 Each $25.33 Each
8212.29.011 8212.29.011 $19.83 Each
8212.29.129 8212.29.129 $19.83 Each
8212-1121-SPA-1 8212-1121-SPA-1 $468.63 Each
8212-1123-SPA-1 8212-1123-SPA-1 $468.63 Each
8212-1126-SPA-1 8212-1126-SPA-1 $468.63 Each

KONI Shock

8212 Series Shock Dual External Adjustable

  This is the top of the line in suspension adjustable coil over shock technology. Due to its unique valving and wide range of adjustment (both rebound and compression) this series of KONI SPA-1 dampers is adaptable to satisfy many suspension requirements. The aluminum construction saves weight, and the adjustable spring platform accepts a 2-1/2" inside diameter spring. The shock eyes are outfitted with 1/2" I.D. bearing inserts.