Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-330 C42-330 $361.95 Each
C42-355 C42-355 $38.95 Each
C42-356 C42-356 $89.95
C42-370 C42-370 $75.95 Each

Dwarf / Mod-lite Rack-N-Pinion

This rack is SOLD OUT. We are currently designing the next generation upgrade. 

This compact heavy duty rack is machined from aircraft billet aluminum with a chromoly rack. Features aluminum clevises for tie rod attachment points. The versatile mounting design allows for use in many applications. Precision manufacturing processes have been incorporated in this unit, resulting  in a very smooth action, with near zero backlash.

This unit is intended to be used for front steer applications (steering arm relative to steering axis), when mounted as shown.

Stiletto Steering Systems is considered to be one of the finest rack-n-pinions on the market, proudly made in the USA.

"I'd just say that the Stiletto Racks are darn near bullet proof. They take some very hard hits and continue to give long lasting quality service."
             Darrell Lewis of NXS Motorsports