Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-332 C42-332 $529.00 Each
C42-354 C42-354 $38.95 Each
C42-357 C42-357 $82.95
C42-359 C42-359 $16.95 Each
C42-368 C42-368 $75.95 Each
C42-403 C42-403 $29.95 Each

Gen 2 Pro Box

The Gen 2 Pro-Box is a very desirable upgrade alternative to the early Ford Pinto rack-n-pinion, for new car construction.

The smooth Swiss Watch-like precision action of a Stiletto steering box has long been the professional racer’s choice. Racers often comment that when using a Stiletto, the steering feels so smooth it is like having power steering. That’s because the heat-treated, aircraft-quality pinion rolls effortlessly on precision ball bearings over the high-tensile-strength chromoly rack. This durable spur gear design is one of the most efficient methods of linear motion available.

The Pro-werks Stiletto Gen 2 Pro-Box rack-n-pinion steering box is specifically designed for drag racing’s full-bodied vehicle categories with re-engineered housing precision machined of ultra tough billet 2024 aircraft aluminum. The updated design results in a lighter and stronger complete assembly, tipping the scale at a mere five pounds.  

This unit is intended to be used for front steer applications (steering arm relative to steering axis), when mounted as shown. A right-hand drive version also is available for international car builders.

Total rack travel of 5" with 3 turns at the pinion. The Aluminum clevises accept 7/16" rod ends, at the tie rod attachment points. The 20:1 steering ratio is slightly faster than the Pinto rack that it is often compared to. The steering shaft coupler is included.

Stiletto Steering Systems is considered to be one of the finest rack-n-pinions on the market, proudly made in the USA.

"The best steering out there!"
             Tom Bailey, Two-Time Hot Rod Drag Week Winner
                   Owner/Driver of Sick Seconds 2.0

"Our record-setting suspension kits utilize Stiletto Gen 2 racks for their unmatched quality, effortless turning and ultra lightweight."
             Kody Schendel of Racecraft, Inc.