Image Part Number Description Price  
C73-837-H-2 C73-837-H-2 $17.90 Add to Cart
C73-837-H-20 C73-837-H-20 $143.20 Add to Cart
C73-859-H-2 C73-859-H-2 $19.20 Add to Cart
C73-859-H-20 C73-859-H-20 $153.60 Add to Cart
C73-861-H-2 C73-861-H-2 $19.20 Add to Cart
C73-861-H-20 C73-861-H-20 $153.60 Add to Cart
C73-863-H-2 C73-863-H-2 $19.20 Add to Cart
C73-863-H-20 C73-863-H-20 $153.60 Add to Cart
C73-889-H-2 C73-889-H-2 $19.90 Add to Cart
C73-889-H-20 C73-889-H-20 $159.20 Add to Cart
C73-943-H-2 C73-943-H-2 $23.00 Add to Cart
C73-943-H-20 C73-943-H-20 $184.00 Add to Cart
C73-947-H-2 C73-947-H-2 $23.00 Add to Cart
C73-947-H-20 C73-947-H-20 $184.00 Add to Cart
C73-951-H-2 C73-951-H-2 $23.90 Add to Cart
C73-951-H-20 C73-951-H-20 $191.20 Add to Cart

Use a Wrench for Adjustment

These weld-in threaded hex tube adapters are CNC machined from 4130 chromoly to precise tolerances. Ideal for quick and easy adjustments of linkage rods.

Hex option only available with left hand threads in certain tube sizes.

"Pro-werks tube adapters are a great product! I especially like the hex option."
Another Satisfied Customer at the PRI Show