Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C72-165 C72-165 $49.95 Each
C72-167 C72-167 $49.95 Each
C72-168 C72-168 $49.95 Each
C72-174 C72-174 $49.95 Each
C72-175 C72-175 $49.95 Each

Neck Mounts

Provides mounting of fire extinguisher cylinders when clamping on the neck portion is required. Designed to be used with the accommodating size of Pro-werks bottle mounts.

Beautifully micro-polished aluminum neck mounts may be direct flat mounted or accept the popular Pro-werks Bar Mount for clamping on round tubing.

Clamp has two 1/4"-20 threaded mount holes with 2-5/8" spacing, measures 1/2" thick.

Proudly made in the USA.