Front Canard Wings with Outer Tips only

Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-122-AT C42-122-AT $417.95
C42-122-BT C42-122-BT $417.95 SET
C42-122-CT C42-122-CT $417.95 SET
C42-124-AT C42-124-AT $417.95 SET
C42-124-BT C42-124-BT $417.95 SET
C42-124-CT C42-124-CT $417.95 SET
C42-126-AT C42-126-AT $417.95 SET
C42-126-BT C42-126-BT $417.95 SET
C42-126-CT C42-126-CT $417.95 SET
C42-128-AT C42-128-AT $417.95 SET
C42-128-BT C42-128-BT $417.95 SET
C42-128-CT C42-128-CT $417.95 SET
C42-132-AT C42-132-AT $472.95 SET
C42-132-BT C42-132-BT $472.95 SET
C42-132-CT C42-132-CT $472.95 SET

Front Canard Wings with Outer Tips

Durable all aluminum construction includes superior quality CNC machined ribs. Available with wind tunnel proven NACA profiles. Mount tube is 1" outside diameter and aluminum skin is .032" thick. Wings are offered with three different tip plate profiles. Ribs are not available separately. Two inch overhang may be trimmed to match body contour.