Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-080 C42-080 $184.95 Each
C42-081 C42-081 $184.95 Each
C42-082 C42-082 $184.95 Each
C42-083 C42-083 $184.95 Each
C42-084 C42-084 $184.95 Each
C42-085 C42-085 $184.95 Each
C42-086 C42-086 $184.95 Each

Dragster Pedal Assembly

Take Control

You can really put your foot down with Pro-werks’ Dragster Pedal Assemblies; and when you lift, the pedal comes up due to the integrated toe hook.The brake pedal has a non-skid surface, delivering a confident feel. These lightweight chromoly constructed pedals are yellow zinc-plated and nylon bushed, gliding effortlessly on the aluminum cross shaft.

Pro-werks’ pedal assemblies are available in different widths, and are incrementally adjustable from side-to-side in ¼” increments, so your foot position is optimized.

Our assembly components section allows you to mix and match parts, and get the right system for your application.  It's time to go racing - have fun!