Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C73-481 C73-481 $59.95 Each
C73-482 C73-482 $59.95 Each
C73-483 C73-483 $71.95 Each
C73-484 C73-484 $71.95 Each

Fast Keyless Entry

Positive locking and easily released, these lightweight Pro-werks latches are constructed of stainless steel with anodized aluminum buttons for corrosion resistance. This is an enhanced design of a surplus aircraft mechanism.

The larger diameter hinge pins provide smoother action and the increased tension of retraction spring holds the "over-center" type latch from prematurely opening.

Available assembled in choice of two popular latch arm configurations, either the Flat hook or Long hook. Both designs are available with either both Small activation buttons or with the combination of the Large and a Small button.

In applications where releasing from the backside is required, simply attach a "pull tab" on the back side of the release activation button. 

Proudly made in the USA .