Brake Kits

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Wilwood’s engineered kits include everything you need for a brake upgrade in convenient kit form. The components in these kits were literally made for each other; allowing you bolt-on, one-part number braking systems that work perfectly, every time.

As time marches on, we also carry replacement rotors and pads to ensure your brake pedal does what it should – each time you press it. Should you happen to have an incredibly unique application that is not covered here, be sure to check out our individual component listings also, for those totally custom applications.

Wilwood – The Leader in Brake Innovations

Wilwood Engineering designs and manufactures some of the best high performance disc brake systems and components available.

While Wilwood is best known for their brake systems used in all types of motorsports, they also manufacture brakes specifically designed for utility and all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles, military vehicles, agricultural equipment and industrial applications.

It's this cross-industry involvement that allows Wilwood to gain valuable engineering knowledge.

The Chassis Shop is pleased to be a longtime supplier of Wilwood brake systems.