Image Part Number Description Price Unit
171-3753 171-3753 $104.94 Each
171-3754 171-3754 $104.94 Each
171-3755 171-3755 $104.94 Each
171-3757 171-3757 $77.31 Each

Blank Rotor Hat

Undrilled for custom bolt pattern applications.

Wilwood's HD Series hats are manufactured from premium grade aluminum alloys offering high strength, low weight, and show quality appeal. HD hats feature a straight bell construction with a flanged rotor mount ring. These features combine to provide maximum radial clearance between the caliper body and the hat. This can be a critical factor when trying to squeeze a large caliper inside a small wheel. When used with matching Wilwood rotor hardware, these hats provide solid mounting for a wide range of custom and competition disc brake applications.