Image Part Number Description Price Unit
170-0208 170-0208 $91.82 Each
170-0259 170-0259 $91.82 Each
170-0317 170-0317 $91.82 Each
170-0764 170-0764 $91.82 Each

Drilled Rotor Hat

All drilled rotor hats have 5 on 4-1/2", 5 on 4-3/4", and 5 on 5" bolt circle wheel lug patterns with 1/2" holes as well as 8 5/16-18 NC Threaded holes on a 7" bolt circle for rotor mounting.

Wilwood's HD Series hats are manufactured from premium grade aluminum alloys offering high strength, low weight, and show quality appeal. HD hats feature a straight bell construction with a flanged rotor mount ring. These features combine to provide maximum radial clearance between the caliper body and the hat. This can be a critical factor when trying to squeeze a large caliper inside a small wheel. When used with matching Wilwood rotor hardware, these hats provide solid mounting for a wide range of custom and competition disc brake applications.