Rear Wings

Rear wings are built with CNC machined ribs and durable 0.032" thick aircraft aluminum skin using wind tunnel proven NACA wing profiles. Ribs have 15" chord length and wing is complete with internal reinforcement tubes. The ribs are not available separately. The 3/16" thick mount tabs have 3/8" diameter front and 5/16" diameter rear holes with 5-7/8" spacing. 

Tip plates are removable, interchangeable, and the profiles available are designed for equal performance. 

Proudly made in the USA.

Rear Wing Downforce & Drag Data
Attack Angle
50 MPH100 MPH150 MPH200 MPH

8° Attack AngleDownforce27.8lbs111.3lbs250.4lbs445.1lbs
Drag0.3 lbs
1.0 lbs
2.3 lbs4.1 lbs

10° Attack AngleDownforce32.4lbs129.5lbs291.5lbs517.9 lbs
Drag0.3 lbs
1.2 lbs2.7 lbs4.9 lbs

12° Attack AngleDownforce36.2 lbs144.6 lbs325.5 lbs104.7 lbs
Drag0.4 lbs
1.4 lbs3.2 lbs5.7 lbs

*Calculated values are based on ideal environmental conditions and 40" x 15" wing size

Customer Comments:

"I chose the Pro-werks wing for a number of reasons: infinite adjustability, high-quality constructions and hard data on angle of attack vs. pounds of downforce at known speeds.

From day one the jet truck was extremely stable. It had no 'lifting' of the rear end which is so common with jet trucks.
It's no works!"
             Dave Modder, Owner/Driver of The Dragon's Fyre Jet Truck