Replacement Rear Wing Tip Plates

Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-160-A C42-160-A $76.95 SET
C42-160-A-1-8 C42-160-A-1-8 $76.95 SET
C42-160-B C42-160-B $76.95 SET
C42-160-B-1-8 C42-160-B-1-8 $76.95 SET
C42-160-C C42-160-C $76.95 SET
C42-160-C-1-8 C42-160-C-1-8 $76.95 SET
C42-160-D C42-160-D $76.95 SET
C42-160-D-1-8 C42-160-D-1-8 $76.95 SET
C42-160-E C42-160-E $76.95 SET
C42-160-E-1-8 C42-160-E-1-8 $76.95 SET
C42-160-F C42-160-F $76.95 SET
C42-160-F-1-8 C42-160-F-1-8 $76.95 SET

Replacement Rear Tip Plates

If you damage a tip plate, or desire to change them for a new look there are several profiles are available. Choose your favorite to match your individual taste.  Sold in sets of two with mounting fasteners included.