Two Piece "C" Series (Mild Steel)

The "C" Series consists of a low carbon steel body (zinc plated) and Alloy steel ball, heat treated and hard chrome plated. This construction allows the rod end body to carry a greater static load and offers greater misalignment capabilities.

Radial Static Load Capacity?

These loads are based upon the minimal mechanical properties of the design configuration of the stressed areas. The Operation Load Capacity of Aurora rod ends is based upon the Radial Static Load Rating. Appropriate safety factors should be utilized with the application. Full rotation assemblies up to 100 rpm should not exceed 10% of the radial static load.

Axial Load Capacity?

Axial static load is the force that is applied through the bore of the ball. Maximum axial static load capacity is recommended at 15% of the radial static load for Aurora two piece rod ends, 10% for three piece rod ends.

Bearing Misalignment?

A rod end or spherical bearings ability to misalign is measured by the degree of angle the ball can accommodate without interference.