Image Part Number Description Price  
140-0260 140-0260 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0260-D 140-0260-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-0261 140-0261 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0261-D 140-0261-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-0262 140-0262 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0262-D 140-0262-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-0263 140-0263 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0263-D 140-0263-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-0264 140-0264 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0264-D 140-0264-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-0265 140-0265 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-0265-D 140-0265-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-2119 140-2119 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-2119-D 140-2119-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-3623 140-3623 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-3623-D 140-3623-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-4545 140-4545 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-4545-D 140-4545-D $506.89 Add to Cart
140-5255 140-5255 $486.95 Add to Cart
140-5255-D 140-5255-D $506.89 Add to Cart

Dynalite Rear Axle Kit

This kit uses one Forged Dynalite caliper per wheel and is designed for cars with four wheel brakes. For dragsters or other cars that rely on rear brakes only, a dual caliper kit is recommended. All kits are for .500" wheel studs, unless otherwise noted, and feature three 5-bolt patterns 4-1/2", 4-3/4", and 5" bolt circle.

KIT INCLUDES: Calipers, brake pads, rotors, hats, brackets, and all mounting hardware.

Custom built or narrowed rears may use axle bearings and housing flange bolt patterns different from the original equipment. Consult the Rear Housing Flange Chart to identify the correct housing flange and measure the axle flange offset accurately. Brake kit orders must be based on housing flange and axle flange offset, not the make of the rear end center section.