Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-336 C42-336 $271.95 Each
C42-339 C42-339 $286.95 Each
C42-340 C42-340 $286.95 Each
C42-341 C42-341 $308.95 Each
C42-344 C42-344 $308.95 Each
C42-348 C42-348 $317.95 Each
C42-352 C42-352 $71.95
C42-353 C42-353 $23.95 Each
C42-354 C42-354 $38.95 Each
C42-355 C42-355 $38.95 Each
C42-368 C42-368 $75.95 Each
C42-370 C42-370 $75.95 Each
C42-403 C42-403 $29.95 Each

Light. Durable. Proven.

These lightweight quality steering boxes are precision machined from heat treated high strength steel and ultra tough 2024 billet aluminum. The aircraft grade pinion is mounted on precision ball bearings.  The rack glides on self-lubricating bronze bushings. The dual lip pinion seal, and nylon reinforced neoprene boots keep moisture and foreign debris out of the assembly. Precision manufacturing processes have been incorporated in these units, resulting  in a very smooth action, with near zero backlash.

For rear steer applications (steering arm relative to steering axis), mount in the position as shown. These units may also be mounted inverted, for front steer applications.

Stiletto Steering Systems is considered to be one of the finest rack-n-pinions on the market, proudly made in the USA.

"All of my previous projects had Stiletto rack and pinions, and I'm going to replace the Vega steering box with a Stiletto in the Slim Stang for better handling."
             Frank Dragotta, Experienced Nostalgia Racer
                   Owner/Driver of Slim Stang