Image Part Number Description Price Unit
C42-510 C42-510 $13.95 Each
C73-375 C73-375 $9.60 Each
C73-376 C73-376 $10.60 Each
C73-377 C73-377 $17.95 Each
C73-380 C73-380 $5.80 Each
C73-400 C73-400 $14.95 Each
C73-401 C73-401 $14.95 Each
C73-405 C73-405 $14.95 Each
C73-406 C73-406 $14.95 Each
C73-410 C73-410 $26.95 Each
C73-415 C73-415 $26.95 Each
C90-040 C90-040 $8.95 Each
C90-044 C90-044 $8.95 Each
C90-080 C90-080 $8.95 Each
C90-090 C90-090 $5.95 Each
C90-106 C90-106 $10.95 Each
C90-115 C90-115 $8.95 Each

Cable Hardware

May be used for clip type or bulkhead cables.

Threaded Cable Extension

Perfect for in-between lengths, 10-32 NF threaded rod may be cut if needed.

Ball Joint End

Quick release, 10-32 female x 10-32 stud.

Quick release, 10-32 female x 1/4-28 NF stud.

Clevis End

10-32 female 3/16" slot and 3/16" dia. pin

Solid Rod End

10-32 female x 3/16" dia. hole. May be drilled larger if needed.

The complete offering of cable mounting hardware and cable ends listed here are of the highest quality that you would come top expect for a dependable installation of your motion control cable. Compatible with Silver Jacket Cables and most 33C Morse Teleflex type control cables.